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Special Issue. "Supplement: Assessment of Medical Devices: Challenges and Solutions, Results from the EU MedtecHTA Project". Guest Editors: Rosanna Tarricone, Aleksandra Torbica, Michael Drummond, Jonas Schreyögg. Health Economics 2017 Volume 26, Issue Supplement S1 (click here to download the issue)

Valzania C, Torbica A , Tarricone R, Lyve F, Boriani G. Implant rates of cardiac implantable electrical devices in Europe: A systematic literature review. Health Policy 2016 Jan;120(1):1-15 (click here for article)

Oriana Ciani, Britni Wilcher, Carl Rudolf Blankart, Maximilian Hatz, Valentina Prevolnik Rupel, Renata Slabe Erker,Yauheniya Varabyova, Rod S Taylor. Health technology assessment of Medical devices: a survey of Non-European union agencies . International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. 2015 Jan;31(3):154-65 (click here for article)

Tarricone R, Torbica A, Ferre F, Drummond M. (2014) Generating Appropriate Clinical Data for Value Assessment of Medical Devices: What Role Does Regulation Play? Expert Review of Pharmacoenomics and Outcome Research 14 (5), 707-718 (click here for article)


Project's Deliverables

Review of international HTA activities on Medical devices (pdf)
Work package 1 – Deliverable d 1.2 

Comparative assessment of HTA reports on drugs and medical devices for the treatment of  cardiovascular disease (pdf)
Work package 1 – Deliverable d 1.3

Review of literature on implant rates for the selected medical devices (pdf)
Work package 2 – deliverable d 2.1

Comparative effectiveness of medical devices (pdf)
Work package 3 - deliverable 3.1

Economic evaluation and health technology assessment in Europe and USA. A comparative analysis (executive summary) (pdf)
Work package 4 - deliverable 4.1

Economic evaluation and HTA (executive summary) (pdf)
Work package 4 - deliverable 4.2

Uncertainty and value of information analysis for medical devices - Evaluation of uncertainty and value of further research for devices – key methodological issues (pdf)
Work package 5 - deliverable 5.1


The determinants of medical technology diffusion and adoption: a systematic literature review and best evidence synthesis (pdf)
Work package 6 - deliverable 6.1


The organizational impact of medical devices: Report on survey methodology (pdf)
Work package 6 - deliverable 6.2



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