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Presentations Medtechta Final Conference are now available!

16 November 2015

Opening of the conference (pdf)
Marcella Marletta (Italian Ministry of Health, Directorate-general of Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Service)
Advancing Methods of Health Technology Assessment for medical devices: the EU MedTecHTA project(pdf)
Rosanna Tarricone (Università Bocconi, MedtecHTA Consortium)
Improving the process for HTA of Medical Devices (pdf)
Rod Taylor (University of Exeter Medical School, MedtecHTA Consortium)
Oriana Ciani (Università Bocconi and University of Exeter Medical School, MedtecHTA Consortium)
Developing methods for the HTA of Medical Devices
WP3 Methods for comparative effectiveness research of medical devices (pdf)
Uwe Siebert (UMIT University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology, MedtecHTA Consortium)
Work Package 4: Cost-Effectiveness; Work Package 5: Uncertainty and Value of Information analysis (pdf)
Mark Sculpher (Centre for Health Economics, University of York, MedtecHTA Consortium)
Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme (MTEP) bespoke design (pdf)
Mark Campbell (NICE Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme, UK)
EUnetHTA JA2 and the application HTA (pdf)
Finn Børlum Kristensen (EUnetHTA)
The diffusion of cardiac implantable electrical devices in Europe: what drives the differences? (pdf)
Aleksandra Torbica (Università Bocconi, MedtecHTA Consortium)
Adoption Decisions and Organizational Impact of Medical Devices (pdf)
Jonas Schreyögg (Hamburg Center for Health Economics, MedtecHTA Consortium)
Recommendations and conclusions (pdf)
Mike Drummond (Centre for Health Economics, University of York and Università Bocconi, MedtecHTA Consortium)



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