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Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is widely accepted as a multidisciplinary approach studying the clinical, economic, social and ethical implications of development, diffusion and use of health technologies and its role in policy making is increasingly established in EU countries. However, the currently adopted methodological framework for HTA doesn’t fully encounter the challenges rising from intrinsic differences between different types of health technologies, and in particular medical devices. The general objective of MedtecHTA project is to investigate improvement of HTA methods to allow for more comprehensive evaluation of medical devices by acknowledging complexities rising from their integration into clinical practice.


The MedtecHTA project will:

  1.  explore current differences in methods used for HTA of medical devices in EU countries;
  2. investigate within- and between country variations in utilization of innovative medical devices (e.g implantable devices in cardiology) that have important implications on equity;
  3. develop improved methods for satisfying three main pillars of HTA: comparative effectiveness, economic evaluation and organizational impact of medical devices and;
  4. investigate uncertainty surrounding the development of new devices and investments in research.


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