The focuses of the MedtecHTA is on improving the existing methodological framework within the paradigm of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for the assessment of medical devices, and to develop this framework into a tool that provides structured, evidence-based input into health policies.
The project aims at filling the gap on the current research debate on the challenges to the available methodological framework for HTA when applied to medical devices.

The MedtecHTA project is expected to make a substantial contribution for a wide range of key stakeholders (policy makers, scientific community, HTA agencies, healthcare providers, medical device industry and patients) to make informed decisions concerning the cost-effectiveness and appropriate use of and patients’ access to medical devices.

The project will provide more than 280 person-months of scientific research effort.

Partners: 6 Universities & 1 Scientific Association

Countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia & UK

Duration: 36 months

Starting date: 01/01/2013


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